Introduction to Agate

What is Agate?

Agate is a variety of chalcedony, which in itself is a type of quartz (a very large family of gems that includes gems such as amethyst and citrine). More specifically, Agate is a form of microcrystalline quartz; mineral with very small crystals.

The history of Agate 

This gem has a rich history within jewelry and rock collecting (perhaps due to its variety of colours and therefore uniqueness). For example, German agate was extensively used in the past to make ornaments and decorations, such as watches and kitchenware. In India, Agate was and is still used to make prayer beads. 

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How does Agate form?

Like many stones, Agate is the result of the interplay between water and rock. Silicon dioxide is deposited within rocks to form concentric circles that make Agate so unique.

What colour(s) does Agate have?

Agate comes in a variety of colours naturally, such as orange-brown or even a pink such as the image above.

Where is Agate found?

Agate is one of the most common gems in the world and due to how they are formed, agates are found on nearly all continents of the world and in almost every climate (from very cold to very hot). 
Maharashtra, India

Source: Raj Rana on Unsplash

The state of Maharashtra in India is an important source of Agates for jewelry-making.

What is its symbolism?

Agate has long been associated with religion and spirituality. In many Eastern countries, such as India, Agate has been widely used as an affordable gem to make prayer beads in Islamic communities. More recently, Agate statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses have become more visible. 
In other parts of the world, most notably in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, Agate carvings became a form of art that is to this today revered amongst collectors. Many of the most important carvers of this art form made pieces using local banded Agate and shaped into forms inspired by nature, such as animals. 

To which Chakra is Agate associated?

Within chakra circles, agate is used to balance or unblock the fifth chakra. The throat chakra as it's also known can be seen as our center of truth and our ability to communicate openly.

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