Introduction to Amethyst

What is Amethyst?

The purple-pink variety of quartz, amethyst is a versatile gem and used extensively within jewelry-making. It's without a doubt the most well-known purple gem that has been used since antiquity.
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Source: Ilze Lucero on Unsplash

What is the history of this gem and where is it found?
Since antiquity, Amethyst has played a central role. The Ancient Greeks, for example, believed it helped against drunkenness and hangovers. Indeed, many goblets and drinking glasses made from amethyst have been found by archaeologists in modern day Greece.
Many Christian cultures also believed it to have a purifying effect meant to cleanse the spirit. Medieval doctors used amethysts to heal wounds (much like Bloodstones were used in Ancient India). 
According to some legends, Saint Valentine wore an Amethyst. The gem has therefore been associated with the month of February and has become a symbol of love and affection (much like Rose Quartz). 

Source: Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash


What role does Amethyst have with chakras?


Considered a key gem by many within the world of chakra and crystal-healing, amethysts are thought to align the seventh chakra (Crown chakra: one that allows us to be connected to our spirituality and to ourselves (and others!). 

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