Introduction to Black Onyx


Black onyx is the black variety of a type of chalcedony (which in turn is a form of quartz; a widely used family of gems used in jewellery-making). They usually form in two colours and forms: solid black and black with curved or straight white stripes.
black onyx agate 925 silver earrings

What colour ranges does onyx have?

It may vary, but the most common used in jewelry-making and the ones we carry are black and green onyxes.

What is its symbology?

For many, black onyx has developed a symbolism of protection and a ‘calmer of negative passions’. In India, for example, it’s strong, black colour is considered to be a means to ‘reflect’ evil spirits and protect the wearer from bringing harm in the form of the nazar or evil eye; a concept whereby jealousy and malicious intent can bring harm to someone.

To which Chakra is black onyx associated?

Some believe it to be linked to the first chakra known as the Root. This is the chakra that handles all things related to one’s core requirements such as food, shelter and health and therefore forms the foundation upon which the rest of one’s chakras are formed. Black onyx is therefore believed to assist in opening and balancing this chakra.

Onyx is the birthstone of which month?


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