Introduction to Bloodstone

What is Bloodstone?

Named for its distintictive red spots on the surface, bloodstone or heliotrope as its more formally known is a variety of chalcedony. Either transparent or opaque on the surface, the gem often has spots of red hematite that adorn it. The gem is the birthstone for the month of March.

Where is it found?

The majority of the world’s specimens are found in India, with some especially opaque green varieties found in Northern India and Eastern Australia. Small deposits have also been found in parts of North America.
The region of Maharashtra in Northern India is home to a lot of the bloodstones used today in jewelry.

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What is the gem’s symbolism?

Blood stone has been used predominantly as a healing stone in cultures around the world. This made the gem especially popular amongst European families as a gem for the family signet ring worn by the heirs of noble families, who believed it would protect them in war. In eastern cultures, most notably India, many of the top quality bloodstones are often used as an aphrodisiac and consumed in powder form. The gem is also thought to cleanse the heart chakra along with balancing all the lower chakras.

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