Introduction to Sapphire

What is Sapphire?

Did you know that ruby and sapphire are from the same family of minerals? Indeed, sapphires are the non-red varieties of the mineral 'Corundum'.
  • Red corundums are known as 'Rubies';
  • Blue corundums are known as 'Sapphires';
  • All other colours of corundums are known as 'Fancy Sapphires'.
Sapphire Pendant

What is the history of this gem and where is it found?
Since antiquity, sapphire has been a powerful symbol. In Ancient Rome and Greece, it was worn by wealthy individuals who believed it protected them from harm (similar to the 'evil-eye' in Eastern cultures). In the Medieval period, it was believed to be a symbol of divinity and therefore adorned the robes and crowns of royalty throughout this period. Today, it's especially popular as an engagement ring, mainly thanks to the ring worn by Princess Kate of England.
Royal Gates Buckingham Palace
Photo by  Stephanie LebLanc on Unsplash


What role do sapphires play in Chakras?

Within crystal healing and chakras, it is believed that sapphires enhance the throat and heart chakras due to the gem's long association with fidelity and truthfulness. 

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