Introduction to Tanzanite

Introduction to Tanzanite

Historically, the categorisation of gems was done based on rarity. Two categories were formed as a result: semi-precious and precious gems. Usually, precious gems were considered rarer but with mines being discovered in many parts of the world, this no longer was the case.
Although Tanzanite is not considered a precious gem in the purest of senses, it is a very rare gem! Found exclusively in a small region next to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Tanzanite is a blueish-purple gem. Its popularity became especially important in recent years when more jewelers started using it as an alternative to sapphires.
Tanzanite ring 925 silver

What colour ranges does tanzanite have?

Tanzanite comes in a blueish-purple range of colours, with deep iterations of either commanding especially high prices. Our jewelry contains the whole range of tanzanites.

What is its symbolism?

Although discovered only recently by Western jewelers, the stone quickly become associated with good luck. Perhaps this comes from the fact that crystal healers believe it connects the heart and the mind. Blue has long been believed to be a symbol of purity.
It's also become more popular as an heirloom gem, adorning family tiaras or even engagement rings!

To which Chakra is tanzanite associated?

Within the chakra circles, tanzanite is believed to be especially important in releasing the throat chakra where a great deal of tension and stress builds up. 

Onyx is the birthstone of which month?


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