Introduction to Turquoise

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Of all the gems used in jewelry, few can claim to have the same allure and history as turquoise. Used by Asian royalty to native American tribes, this greenish blue gem is thought to have spiritual properties that have made it popular around the world. In this post, we would like to help you understand this gem and hopefully help you appreciate its power.

What is Turquoise?

A greenish-blue mineral mined in select locations globally, most notably the United States and China.
Why is Turquoise so expensive?
There is no doubt that turquoise has seen its value explode in recent years but this gem has been one of the most popular's gem in jewelry-making for centuries. First exported throughout the world by the Persians, turquoise holds equally important value in Native Indian tribes as well as in Chinese and South American cultures. Certain mines, such as in Persia, do not mine the gem anymore, which has made certain specimens very pricey indeed.
What is the gem’s main symbolism?
Historically, the gem has been lauded by a vast mix of cultures as a 'lucky gem'. Soldiers in the Ottoman Empire, for example, had Turquoise gems set on armour or even on their horses.
    • Crystal Healing: Turquoise is believed to hold two core properties: protection and cleansing. Many believe it assists in purifying one's body of any negative feelings or help overcome obstacles. 
    • Chakra: Blue is thought to be the colour of the fifth chakra (throat area) and turquoise, along with other blue gems, such as aquamarine, are thought to help balance and 'release' this chakra area.

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