Introduction to 925 silver

What does 925 silver mean?

It represents at least 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% being other metals, such as copper.

Photo of Lapis Lazuli rings jewelry

Why are other metals mixed in?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Silver is a soft metal and therefore is often combined with copper to provide durability and strength. This makes it easier for jewellers to manipulate the metal in order to produce the pieces you see in our collections;
  2. Silver is prone to tarnish. This is a process whereby a thin layer of corrosion appears on the outer layer of the metal, creating a loss or change in colour. In some cases, other elements, such as a rhodium, is used to prevent the metal from tarnishing.

Why am I getting an allergic reaction to 925 silver jewelry?

Allergies are a medical condition and you should consult a medical professional regarding this. However, from our experience, certain metals mixed into some 925 silver can contribute. In many cases, jewelry made using dubious sources of 925 silver can have traces of nickel and/or cadmium mixed in. These metals give a false feeling of the metal being heavier than it really is.

Please note that the use of nickel and cadmium is illegal in most Western nations and our jewelry is carefully tested to comply with this.

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