925 Silver Cultured Pearl Ethnic Bracelet


What is a Cultured Pearl?

Cultured pearls differ from natural pearls in that they require human intervention. They are both natural stones but differ in how the ‘growth’ of the stones is achieved.

What is its symbolism?

Throughout history, pearls have been cherished by people. The Ancient Chinese, for example, viewed pearls as protective gems. In European cultures, pearls are still associated with purity and often worn by brides at their weddings.

  • Crystal healing: It’s believed by some that pearls assist with purification and protection, especially protection from lies.
  • Chakra: It’s believed that pearls can assist in balancing the heart chakra: considered the centre of the body and responsible for emotions.

Details about the bracelet

This is an adjustable bracelet with additional rings so that you may tighten or loosen the bracelet to your wrist size.

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