925 Silver Faceted Tanzanite 4-6mm Medium-Sized Bracelet

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About the stone

What is Tanzanite?
The blue variety of the mineral species known as Zoisite. It's a very rare blue-violet gem found in only a small region of Tanzania, near Mount Kilimanjaro.

NB: This bracelet is adjustable.

What makes tanzanite so special?
It's rare to find a naturally blue gem in nature. The main one that most people know is sapphire. But naturally, sapphires are very expensive, in part due to their rarity but also the rich history of the gem. Tanzanite is a great alternative and a relatively lower price (although some tanzanites command far higher prices than equivalent sapphires).

What is the gem's symbolism?
  • Crystal Healing: It's believed in some circles that tanzanite helps with calming the mind and with 'slowing down' one's general demeanour;
  • Chakra: Many believe it to assist in helping to balance the throat chakra and for helping get rid of the heaviness in this region.

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