925 Silver Small Oval Labradorite Ring


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What is Labradorite?

Labradorite is part of the feldspar species of minerals, which forms approximately 50% of the earth’s crust. It has a distinctive greenish-blue gleam known as ‘labradorescence’ and this effect plays an important role in the value of the stone.

What colour(s) does labradorite have?

The most common colour of labradorite is the greyish-blue variety of the gem that you will find quite regularly in our jewelry pieces. Labradorite equally has another variety known as white labradorite or within the jewelry trade as 'rainbow moonstone' despite not being a moonstone. This is purely for historical reasons.

There is a third variety known as spectrolite. There is much debate of whether this name should be given to specimens from Finland or whether it's for labradorites that show a unique play of colours (or more specifically, a specimen that shows all the varieties of labradorescence). These may range from green to blue passing by orange and brown.

What is the origin of the name?

Canada is a common source of the world’s Labradorite and derives its name from Labrador Island.

What is its symbolism?

It's no surprise that labradorite has been coveted by many cultures over the centuries and developed an almost mythical symbolism. Believed by many to be the main protector mineral, this gem is equally believed to aid in inner energy and transformation due to its almost magical play of colours under light.

To which Chakra is labradorite associated?

According to the yoga and meditation communities, the solar plexus (Third chakra) and labradorite are believed to be linked. Indeed, the gem is thought to assist in opening and balancing the third chakra, which is responsible for inner energy, dignity and self-esteem.
In our boutique, we use the Circumference method to size our rings. If you're used to buying your rings in either the UK or US / Canada sizes, you can use the approximate conversions below. 


Circumference (in mm) 
US / Canada
C 1 1/2
41.5 D 2
E 2 1/2
44.14 F 3
45.11 G 3 3/8
46.02 H 3 3/4
47.25 I 4 1/4
48.38 J 4 5/8
49.64 K 5 1/8
50.58 L 5 1/2
51.87 M 6
53.16 N 6 1/2
54.51 O 7
55.76 P 7 1/2
Q 8
58.47 R 8 5/8
60 S 9 1/8
61.29 T 9 5/8
62.89 U 10 1/4
10 5/8
W 11 1/8
X 11 5/8
Y 12
12 1/2


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