925 Silver Small Claw Amethyst Ring


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What is Amethyst?

The purple variety of quartz; of the most diverse and widely used family of gems used in jewelry-making. Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February.

Fun fact: it's often heated to form citrine.

What colour ranges does amethyst have?

Amethyst, like turquoise, has become its own colour associated with a type of violet-purple. The range depends on how dark this colour becomes, with the dark specimens commanding a higher value.

What is its symbolism?

Historically, amethyst was thought to prevent 'drunkeness' and many ancient goblets were found made from this mineral. More recently and specifically, Christians believed it to be a purifier of spirit and healer of injuries. Today, it is especially associated with love and affection (perhaps, due to the fact that Valentine's Day and Amethysts are inherently linked).

To which Chakra is Amethyst associated?

No surprise then that it's thought to be linked to the third eye or 'intuition'. Thought to increase and improve on 'gut feeling', when open it can help in making more efficient, safer and better decisions for the wearer.

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