925 Silver Diamond-Shaped White Amber Wrap Ring

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What is Amber?

Amber is fossilized tree resin that takes millions of years to harden and is then treated and shaped in order to make jewelry. It's one of the only gems that we can classify as an 'organic gemstone'.

What colour ranges does Amber have?

The most common colour used in jewelry is brownish-orange, sometimes referred to as cognac amber (after the alcoholic drink native to South-Western France). However, it can also be reddish-black, white, green and blue.

What is its symbolism?

Amber has one of the richest histories in jewelry-making. It was revered in ancient cultures as a symbol of protection for the dead. Today, it's associated with protection, energy and even good fortune.

To which Chakra is Amber associated?

Some believe it to be linked to the third chakra known as the Solar Plexus. (just below your heart). It's meant to be related to discipline.

NB: These photos are purely representative and the ring you receive may have slightly different inclusions and colour (darker or lighter). 

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