925 Silver Oval Rhodochrosite Ring


1 piece in stock.


Length: 3.2 cm
Width: 1.7 cm

About the stone

What is Rhodochrosite?

Rhodochrosite is a pinkish-orange gem with distinctive white lines running through it. Unique in many ways, this beautiful gem is made up an element known as manganese.

What colour ranges does Rhodochrosite have?

Usually, pinkish-orange with distinctive white lines running through it. Can also take a brownish to yellow colour.

What is its symbology?

This gem has been associated with the heart and emotions due to its distinctive pinkish-orange colour. To which Chakra is Rhodochrosite associated? Some believe it to be linked to the heart chakra (emotion and center of the body).

NB: The ring you will receive is exactly the one shown in this picture.

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