925 Silver Small Circular Yellow Opal Ring


2 pieces in stock


Length of earring: 1 cm
Width of earring: 0.8 cm

About the stone

What is opal?

Opal is a semi-precious gem that has a significant water content in its structure. The gem is divided into two principle categories: common and precious. The play of colours within the gem is what determines its classification and therefore its value.

What colour ranges does Opal have?

Almost any colour for the body but it can be quite specific for the play of colours, where yellow and red are the most visible.

What is its symbolism?

  • Healing stone thought to once cute eye disease;
  • Brought to be a stone that brings good fortune, especially wealth;
  • Used in some cultures to help with preventing one from suffering from the evil-eye.
Opal has many colours and forms and therefore is thought to be associated with each chakra.

NB: These are natural stones and therefore the ring you receive may differ in the exact inclusions and the colour may differ slightly. The pictures are only representative.

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