Red Garnet Beads Bracelet 6mm


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What is garnet?

A widely diverse group of stones with colours ranging from a deep, blood-red to a yellowish-green. Some very rare varieties of the stone are known as 'colour-change' garnets.

What is its history?

Garnet has been used in jewellery for centuries, with some of the earliest records being in Ancient Egypt and Rome. Indeed, the garnet trade was a very lucrative one for many Roman merchants.

Where is garnet found?

Found predominantly in India, Pakistan, South America and parts of Europe, certain rarer varieties of the gem are also found in parts of Africa.

What is garnet's symbolism?

Garnet has long been believed to be a protection stone (one often give to friends and/or loved ones). More recently, it has also developed a symbolism for the circularity of life due to its association within Christianity as a symbol of the heart of Christ and as aiding in vascular issues.

Which chakra is garnet associated with?

The root chakra is often considered the nucleus. Located in the stomach area, it is associated with the basic needs of the human being, such as a home or nutrition. It also forms the basis upon which the other chakras can be built. Red garnets are believed to help open this chakra.

Which month does garnet represent?

Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.

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